It Lives!

We're coming to get you Barbara. A little belated for Halloween but news recently came to me and I felt compelled to share. The illustration I made to go with it was...inspired.

FaceBook is a thriving web presence. Without a doubt it has become an almost ubiquitous addition to many of our lives. By mid 2010 it reached 500 million users. It's only natural that marketers would see the opportunties. In fact much attention has been turned toward marketing businesses on social media sites. Newspapers suffer, magazines struggle, and smart phone wielding youths triumphantly announce "Print is dead." Nuff said. Case closed. Or is it?

Maybe it could be said that the internet is so 2010. It seems some of the love affair with the always on-digital delicacy may be waning. A recent study by Brand Science had findings that suggest demographics between 18-34 year olds are becoming more responsive to marketing when it comes via offline means, direct mail for example.

Truthfully it makes sense. We, I mean all people, are driven by novelty, regardless of age. We're wired for it. If we spend time offline we seek to break it up with online treats. If we're inundated with the online it's understandable we would seek to unplug occasionally with the tangible.

According to the study only 17% of those polled said that online ads were appealing. Most said they were annoying and intrusive. It also found that 67% of online searches were first prompted by offline messages. Maybe it's because many online advertisments push themselves on us. We might feel more in control of what we attend to while, say, scanning a magazine. Also consider that 28% more was spent purchasing online when shoppers received a printed catalog first. Print still seems to elicit a drive.

Increase ROI When You Couple Online with Offline.

The best take away is for business to embrace both old and new. When adding direct mail to a campaign Return on Investment (ROI) can be increased as much as 20%. With an ROI around 12:1 and growing how could using direct mail with your campaign be ignored? As Anthony Miller, Head of Media Development at Royal Mail, said "Direct mail is an essential mechanism in the marketing mix for converting desire and intention into action."

Maybe I'm too moderate but it makes sense to me. Too much of one thing causes imbalance. Print may be an old technique but we, like it or not, are still very tactile. We can be enticed by the digital but to completely do away with it ignores our roots.

So watch out internet. That feeling you have creeping up your spine, that uneasy tension making you look over your know what that is, don't you? Maybe you shouldn't have braved that moors. Don't you watch the horror movies? The cocky ones are one of the first to go. Cue maniacal laughter.