iDesign Graphics provides a complete suite of graphic design services to meet any need. Save your time, your sanity. Turn to an expert when you need to promote your sale, new services, existing service, what have you. Contact me. See? Nice and easy.


You have a promotion, a new service, exciting new business directions. Announce it. Brochures don't need to be the traditional trifold you see everywhere. With printing costs coming down there are even more visually interesting approaches that can be done. The web is good but nothing connects with us like holding that printed material in our hand. Find out what options you can do. See Samples.

Direct Mail

Printed communications to your customers still is a highly effective, quick way to convey a message. Digital printing affords even more flexibility to customize your artwork on the fly and fit your budget with more modest print runs.


Have a loan special for your banking patrons? Tell your customers with a lobby sign. Need to really wow and create buzz? Go big with a bus wrap to turn heads. We can handle the display you need.


Clipart looks like clipart. A custom illustration that truly fits your project will not only express your message more accurately but will project more professionalism.

Logo, Trademark & Corporate Branding

It's about the image. An icon that gives instant resilient recognition. That's what the right logo can do for you. Maybe you just want an updated logo. Maybe it's time to create a full branded package, something to brag about and generate renewed customer focus. Logos are the voice of your company. Find your voice here.

Magazine Article Design

Have an idea for a magazine? People's have a lot more vying for their attention. Your magazine can hit the ground running with us designing it. We have worked on many magazines turning some from multi-page newsletters to full glossy prestigious magazines. Our knowledge of typography and layout translates to your magazine being a must find and an eager read.

Package Design

The album art sells your music before the first note has been heard. Your album speaks to the buyer about your band's personality. Done well it will resonate with them and generate appeal, even loyalty. Done poorly it can cause first impression friction. Let us make your album package sing!

Publication Design

Books that don't sell large don't linger on book store shelves. Even if you're targeting through ebooks you'll want the style to be engaging, readable and consistent. You have other options than to try doing it yourself or high an expensive agency to create your book. Take a look at what we can do.


Stationery is the bread and butter of a properly branded company. Make sure everything consistently bears the symbol of your business.

Web Design

Having a web presense has become even more a staple for business owners. Powerful smart phones empower on-the-go consumers to find out "something" about your business before they visit. Whether you're a new main street boutique or an established corporation looking for a way to tighten your team, we will work with you to develop a specific site built to be a working extension of your business not just a web page.